Enterprise Quality Services Help Make You Better

Increase your product quality and end user satisfaction with Ambient’s Enterprise Quality Services. Our Quality Assessment, Quality Strategies, Test Planning, Test Automation, and Testing Services help your organization:
  • Reduce Software Delivery Costs by 30%
  • Establish Metrics and Improve Productivity
  • Improve Product Quality
  • CMMi Level 5 Independent Validation Testing

Quality Assessment

Ambient’s Quality Assurance Assessment consists of a full review of your overall software development process. Our quality assurance analysts will review your existing documentation, perform stakeholder interviews, and generate a report that outlines a path for improvement. Your written report includes: a description of your current QA practices, a comparison of those practices against industry best practices, and a list of recommended QA processes, test strategies and automated tools and tests to help you better manage your projects and build high quality applications.

 Specific deliverables of our QA Assessment service include:

  • Facilitated Sessions to:
    • Establish product quality goals and objectives
    • Review current products being developed and organizational structure
  • Interview key department resources to identify current quality assurance practices and issues
  • QA Assessment Documentation that identifies current QA techniques and gaps to best practices
  • Software Testing Techniques Documentation
  • High Level Implementation Plan for QA recommendations
  • Presentation to Stakeholders

Portfolio Management

Ambient’s Portfolio Management Service helps your organization effectively select, implement, and utilize an enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool. Experienced PPM experts work side by side with your organization to evaluate organizational readiness, establish an operational PPM vision, define high level activities for achieving goals, select a PPM vendor based on your needs, implement a PPM tool, and ensure user adoption.

Specific deliverables of our Portfolio Management Service include:

  • Readiness Assessment Document
  • PPM Vision Document
  • PPM Vendor Scorecard
  • Project Plan and Schedule
  • Business Requirements Document
  • Implementation Discovery Document
  • Functional Design Document
  • System Document
  • Training Plan
  • Adoption Plan
  • Communications Plan


Business Process Managment

Ambient’s Business Process Management Service helps your organization create effective and efficient business processes that guide technology decisions and outcomes. The Business Process Management Service begins with seasoned consultants who will review your existing business process documentation and interview key stakeholders to determine a business process baseline for your organization. Then, the consultants apply business process best practices and facilitate business process management workshops for your team. Finally, the group will document the future state business process models.

Specific deliverables of our Business Process Management Service include:

  • Current State Business Process Model (Baseline)
  • Future State Business Process Model
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Future State Business Requirements Document
  • Technical Roadmap Document
  • Business Case


Organizational Change Management

Ambient’s Organizational Change Management Service ensures that your process and technology improvements are quickly and easily adopted throughout the organization. Our Organizational Change Management consultants start by examining your processes and culture to create a baseline. From this baseline, communication, succession, and training plans are developed. Finally, these plans are utilized by experienced facilitators to help your organization evolve smoothly. The final outcome is successful adoption, increased organizational efficiencies, nd better use of resources.

Specific deliverables of our Organizational Change Management Service include:

  • Readiness Assessment Document
  • Organizational Change Activities Documen
  • Training Plan
  • Succession Plan
  • Communication Plan